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Discord Bots, Twitter Bots and other solutions & services developed to help your web 3 community thrive!
  • Discord BotsCommunity Engagement and Detailed Information delivered via Discord integrations
  • Twitter BotsDrive new users towards your community with Sales Announcements directly on twitter
Supported Servers
Verified Wallets
Whitelist Entries
Marketplace Tracking
Send a message to your discord server each time a sale or listing event occurs for your project
Twitter Sales Bots
Post a tweet each time a new sale event occurs. This increases the reach and social media presence of your project
Statistic Channels
Display your projects statistics within your discord server, providing insight to your community and to potential investors
Whitelist Management
Manage your whitelist directly in discord. Eligible users submit their wallets and creators export this in a convenient format
Wallet Verification
Users get roles in your server based on the assets they own by linking their discord account and their wallets to our system
Mint Tracking
Display a mint counter in your server and send a message updating members each time a new asset is minted

Frequently Asked Questions

Discord Server

Whether you are a user looking for support using one of our services or a creator looking to get in touch to get set-up, please raise a support ticket by joining our discord server with the button below

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